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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top 10 Movie stars that ride scooters (extremely cheap gas powered scooters)


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Riding on a scooter is fun and quite amazing. They are much safer and come in so many different styles that it becomes hard to choose from. With great stylish looks and many other features you may prefer to have a scooter rather than having a bike.

Would you believe that scooters interest even celebrities? Let us tell you about the famous and even your favorite stars that like to drive scooter.
To start, do you know the actor famous for his relationship with Angelina Jolie? You guessed it right! Brad Pitt is quite fond of riding a scooter. The long peaceful drives that do not need much stopping is what he likes about the scooters. Imagine riding together would bring a nice change in the personality of our ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’.

Now Brad is in good company of Leo. Yes it’s the same Leo who made so many hearts flutter in Titanic. He is known to succumb to the charms of a scooter. ‘Catch Me If You Can’ says Leonardo Di Caprio when he goes out on his scooter. Because of the great mileage that the scooters give, he does not worry about stopping for gas and can escape the paparazzi at will. Others of his ilk who share the same passion include the likes of Jim Belushi and David Arquette.

American Dreamz’ with scooter, sounds odd? Don’t get confused! We are talking about Hugh Grant. Did you ever think that he would drive a scooter? Well he does! He enjoys it and likes to go on a ride whenever he gets a chance and has been often spotted riding a Vespa. Now Hugh Grant cannot be an isolated case. There is Owen Wilson who also shares Hugh’s comic timing and passion for scooters. The Wedding Crashers star is not yet known to crash any of his scooters and is unlikely to do any such thing in near future.

One of the ‘Mean Girls’ like to ride scooter; actress and pop singer Lindsey Lohan enjoys the drive on her scooter. Stylish and amazing is what she prefers her scooty to be.

Reasons for scooters being a favorite with movie stars are numerous. There are many companies providing many types of models with great mileage and high speed. There are additional benefits such as the ‘skirt’ that protects your leg from dirt. Also the bags provided with it, provide much space to keep your things safely.

The craze for scooters among celebrities is endemic. Take the case of Reese Witherspoon of the Legally Blonde fame who loves to ride her scooty that gives her a long run. She appreciates the fantastic appearance and good mileage that lets her go on and on. Sharing her passion is the beautiful Darryl Hannah who is known to adore her scooter.

Even tough guys like riding scooters. Take the case of James R Gandolfini who likes driving his Vespa. Imagine Tony Soprano taking a pleasure trip on a sleek Vespa. It is something celluloid dreams are made of. His passion for driving scooters has a long history and he is unlikely to give it up anytime soon.

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