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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top 10 Fastest Scooters (extremely cheap gas powered scooters)


Many scooters recently introduced into the market have created sensation due to their high speed. Let us now take a look at some of the fastest scooters. Click below to continue article.

To start, do you know the actor famous for his relationship with Angelina Jolie? You guessed it right! Brad Pitt is quite fond of riding a scooter.

When it comes to speed, motorcycles and cars are what most people can think of. Now you can get the same thrill of speed with the some of the fastest scooters present in the market. Nowadays scooters are competing with bikes in all spheres whether it is the engine capability or the speed.

You would be glad to know that increasingly scooters have become more stylish with a highly attractive body and offer all the sensations of riding, which were earlier offered only by a motorcycle. Many scooters recently introduced into the market have created sensation due to their high speed. Let us now take a look at some of the fastest scooters in no particular order.

Piaggio's Gilera GP 800 is counted among one of the fastest scooters in the world. The Italian designed scooter has an 850cc V-twin engine. Isn’t it powerful? It is capable of 75bhp and will give you a lightening speed of 120 mph. Now you can literally ride the winds with Piaggo’s Gilera GP 800. The 7 Gear scooter makes your riding more enjoyable. Its 235 kg weight provides you better balancing even while riding at high speed.

Aprilia SR 50 is one of the fastest among 50cc Scooter on the road. Aprilia SR 50 is a 2 stroke scooter and a spare high performance pipe is provided with it. Mark Spencer an owner of Aprilia SR 50 enters an entirely different world by a simple touch of the button on the handle bar. He is enjoying thrilling speed with Aprilia SR 50. The Aprilia stable also has the Aprilia Atlantic 500 which too rakes up belligerent speeds.

Piaggio BV250 is another common Scooter that you find with a maximum speed over 80 mph. It gives you a great mileage of 60 miles per gallon along with speed. Its 16” wheels give you better stability while driving at top speed. It also provides you with an additional automotive power outlet for charging your cell phone while you drive.

Yamaha didn’t lag behind in competition. In the year 2000 they produced T-Max with a twin cylinder 500 cc engine giving a 40 horsepower output. You will experience the thrill of speed at its utmost with Yamaha T-Max Scooter.

If you are a Honda lover then you too are lucky. You can go on a breathtaking ride with Silver Wing 600 Scooter manufactured in the year 2002 by Honda. It has a 600 cc engine providing you strength and speed. It gives a 50 bhp output. If you want to race with bikes then RoadRunner Race Scooter is the ultimate choice. It has a 250cc engine and gives a 19HP power output. It gives you a top speed of 85 mph. They are available in attractive colors.

The Tank Urban Racer is another scooter found to display great speeds. It is a 4 stroke scooter having a 150 cc engine. It provides you the ultimate with its high speed and automatic braking system.

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